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Petrol tanker on F3: epic FAIL

I am officially pissed off.

Did not think that I will ever go on the wrong side on a freeway. Driving on the opposite site of F3 isn’t clearly the best way to get to feel yourself like being in Europe. In any case, the way officials handled the accident wasn’t quite European too.

I left Gordon yesterday at 10:00 pm  only to hit the tail of the most giant traffic queue I ever seen at 10:15. And, I am sure, traffic just started to barely move then. There were plenty of cars with people sleeping in them at the side of the road — they obviously decided not to bother for some more hours.

An guess what? Today’s morning TV news only said that contra-flow was implemented «several hours later». Please note — it is the true, but there is a catch. This truth is short of some interesting details like while accident happened before noon, the contra-flow was opened only at 8:30 pm. And it was the working Monday. And all peak-hour traffic was in standstill for I don’t even want to know how many hours. See the difference? Most online news sites were citing the same bullshit, at least in the morning. Like nothing serious happened, just a bit of slow traffic on one local country road. Now, when shit finally hit the fan, they all screaming loud that «blame game has started«. Good timing, guys!

So, the F3 was still pretty much the carpark 10 hours after the accident. I would call it «The incompetence». Obviously, someone also just did not want to take a decision.

What should have been done? I reckon, after an hour or two when it became obvious that there is no way they could move the tanker without unloading it, they should have left it alone for time being. I assume, the tanker itself was safe, but in today’s «news» they said there actually was a small leak!  The peak hour was approaching, and with huge delays already in place, opening the freeway for traffic should be their priority number one. They should have isolated the accident,  put temporary barriers and open as many lines as possible (according to photos, the tanker was only taking one line!), just to let people trough.  Also, the contra-flow had to be operational at 3:00pm the latest!

That would not only help bringing people home, it would also leave them with the whole night to do whatever they were going to do to remove the tanker without having thousands of angry and tired motorists around.

Why it did not happen — I don’t know yet. But, mind you, every incident has the first name and the last name.

P.S. I wonder if everyone who lost money because of the accident (late childcare fees,  extra petrol, you name it) should send the invoices to the RTA.


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