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Rudd killed electric car?

Great news, everybody! We will pay 35*10^6 bucks to Toyota so they can possibly start delivering Camry Hybrid by maybe 2010. They promising outstanding fuel economy — only 5.7 liters/100 km! Woohaa, we saved!

What a joke. You know, these days there are plenty of cars around that have about the same thirst, for instance, my Civic 2007 (not a hybrid, thanks God!) only takes 6.5-7.0/100 km (and I am not joking!), not mentioning dozens of diesel cars freely available on the today market that can run 100km on even less than 5 liters offering truckloads of torque at the same moment. I simply don’t see the point of building hybrids — they are at least as twice as complex as average modern petrol car, they still have that mistake called Internal Combustion Engine under the bonnet, what from engineer’s point of view is nothing else but a joke — several hundreds moving parts, dozens of sensors, neutralizers, computers built for the only purpose to convert less than 20% of energy concluded in fuel into the move (another 80% are simply heating the environment), in addition all this zoo of «state of art technologies» requires once-a-10K oil change, toxic coolant, timing belts, spark plugs and counting. Simply get rid of it, use the space and weight saved to put extra batteries and you get emission free vehicle that costs almost nothing to run, requires almost no maintenance and is easy and fun to drive. How about 300 N*M at zero rpm? That’s what electric vehicle (EV) is.

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