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KRudd to filter Internet. Are they serious or just want to saw the budget?

-Why did they build the Great Wall of China?
-To keep rabbits away!

Ok, that does not seem a joke anymore. Even news.com.au finally popped a little note about it — Australian government is really pushing forward its plan to implement compulsory content filtering in internet.

In press releases available they mention that there will be two levels of content filtering — the one that filters «adult» material (remember previous government testing it and apparently failed?), which could be opt-out and the second compulsory filter which is supposed to block «illegal» material.

There is very interesting detail — they are ready to spend (or should I say «waste») more than $40 mil on this. Waste because they don’t know what really are they going to block and don’t give a shit how an whether it is going to work at all! Two weeks ago they claimed it would be only child pornography that will be blocked, one week ago they added mysterious «illegal materials» to the list, today they say «euthanasia and anorexia» will be banned. Personally I don’t give a shit if they block this indeed, but I think the idea of leaving to some unknown person to decide what is illegal and what is not is ill. And those who come up with such idea are mentally sick and should be banned from society before they implement any of their crazy plans.

Another interesting detail — it won’t work. They’ll waste these money for what is not going to work at all. Providing that they are not going to build an iron curtain around the country. Let me not to go deep into technical details, just believe me — it will just reduce internet speed to the bottom, will not filter half of so-called «illegal» sites and have a high rate of false positives.

So why the government is so insane about getting that done? They want to protect our fragile minds from horrible contents of anorexia sites or what? Or, which is more likely, they want to build a base to outlaw P2P file sharing? Or, which is ever more likely, someone really wants to get 44 mil of our money for free? In one very corrupted country this is called «to saw the budget»

From my point of view, there are way more things in the country that urgently need those 44 mils. Public transport, hospitals, education, any other infrastructure, at the end. But this government does something weird — they gave 35 millions of taxpayers money to Toyota, then went forward with controversial desalination plant, then want to «protect us» by giving 44 millions to mysterious «internet filter» inventors, and it seems there are more to come.

So dear Kevin, aren’t you afraid of that by trying to keep rabbits away, you may really get there?


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