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Why Woy Woy road is falling apart?

Another exciting news for anyone hoping Woy Woy road will be finally fixed some time soon.

It looks like there is another «little crack» in the road. And it looks like the crack has been known since April this year but still nothing has been done. And it looks like the crack is just as little as 50 meters long and it continues to grow. And, surprisingly, it looks like the crack is caused by rainwater escaping damaged underground pipe, which happened to be situated right under that section of the road. I have a feeling that I already heard about some road been washed away by rainwater…

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Anyway, according to todays «Express advocate«, the issue was addressed with «High priority». Which apparently means nothing has been done. Yet?

Something is definitely wrong with roads on Central Coast. Have you heard that two weeks ago we were just centimeters away from another road collapse on Kariong Hill? That’s why they doing those urgent roadworks on Saturdays’ nights.

Let’s just hope this is simply a surface crack, which could easily be caused by numerous reasons but don’t usually lead to road closures; at least as far as I can judge from newspaper’s photo, it is about as serious as that. I want to go there during daytime to see it by myself. Not sure If I can scrap a moment this weekend, but may be it is the time to sell the car as driving around Coast will soon become impossible?

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