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Woy Woy road closed

And will remain closed for a long time. See below.

It happened quitely and without broad media coverage. Of course, who cares about forgotten suburb one hour drive north from Sydney?

The thing is that our one hour drive turned into almost two as motorists forced to take a detour via Gosford. The distance seems almost the same on the map, but in fact traffic around West Gosfors is just hopeless — in evening rush hour a traffic jam starts at Kariong! And still no «breaking news» and even any pictures. Isn’t it because what happened is very similar to Pacific hwy collapse at Somersby last year?

Thanks to Internet, there are some info and pictures available

Woy Woy road subsude at Bulls hill, april 2008

But still no oficial information about when the road can be opened again. By the way, it does not seem that this could be quickly fixed providing essential safety to motorists as it looks like there is nothing left supporting the road from underneath the surface. Let’s hope it won’t be another CoalCliff bridge.

BTW, local authorities keep moarning that very little people catch a public transport instead of drivig to work, but the think is that they don’t have a glue. Today I would be happy to get on the train instead of standing still in a 40-minutes jam but I just could not find any place to park close to station. How the hell I was supposed to get on the train without getting a parking fine on a car towed away? Come on guys, stop appealing, just build more parking there! And more trains please, too. And get them fixed, at the ends!

Update: Just came across Gosford council website when they finally bothered to put some iinformation on. While driving home today I noticed new signs being erected before Kariong exit that traffic will queue on freeway on peak hours, which I thought was a bad sign, sorry for my language. Thaffic was queueing indeed. Both Kariong and Ourimbah exits were just hopeless, but the fact they decided to put signs on tells that road won’t be fixed any soon. Which is even worse, they did not bother to organize a counterflow operation or change traffic lights mode throughout West Gosford. Could you ever imagine that closure of such a second grade road which have never been busy could lead to doubling the trip time from anywhere in Gosford to Sydney and back?

Update 2: Finally, some more concrete info available, thanks to everybody leaving comments here. What is on picture there and in papers does not look good at all and raises the question about the condition of the rest of the hill. They promised to repair it in two months, which I can’t really believe. Will we end up having our own CoalCliff bridge or they’ll convert one of the fire tracks into a proper road?

Update 3: 1st of May, Woy Woy road reopened in one direction only. Did they forget about reversible lanes?


Update 4: 7th of May, Still no signs of any repair works being carried out. It seems 6 month is a bit optimistic 🙁

Update 5: 10th of July, More than two months since road is closed, they suddenly decided to perform some «investigative work» and closed it in both directions again. Did not bother to inform residents a few days in advance; seems like the need of further investigation appeared unexpectedly.

Update 5: 11th of July, Almost impossible to believe, but there is some information about yesterday’s closure in federal news: Daily telegraph.


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