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Splashtop: Mozilla in BIOS.

It happened.

Now it is hard to get amazed by a newly released hi-tech gadget or a new «technology». It looked like everything has already been invented, and while we discuss whether .NET framework’s performance is good or bad or what hard disk drive to buy to install Vista on it, Asus released motherboards with integrated linux.

Just imagine — you turn your PC on and desktop appears immediately with  read-to-use Web browser, Skype and more. Of course, this still looks like a toy rather a useful solution, but it depends what we want from computer. This technology exactly fits «home media center» idea — it is not a big deal to add all essential media players, photo gallery software to the flash and you’ll get a device that just works. No more worries about viruses, firewalls, malware and the whole hard disk is at your hand — operating system does not take a fraction from it, not talking about enormous tens of gigabytes needed for Windows Vista.

I don’t think Windows will die in near future, however I think such ideas can add a big nail into its coffin.

I wonder how soon we’ll see notebooks and desktops with all essential software in a flash on motherboard?

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