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Ship at anchorage near Narrabeen rock pool

Sometimes in the evening we go for a dip to Narrabeen rock pools. Just like today, but today we saw it. There is nothing unusual for ship to stay at anchor somewhere nearby except this one was too close to the beach and I even thought its crew was seeking Pasha Bulker’s fame. Hopefully, it was close, but not that much.
Unfortunately, I did not have DSLR camera with me.. actualy, I don’t have DSLR at all, but this time the only I had was mobile cameraphone Nokia N95. That’s what I got:

Ship at Narrabeen

Surprisingly, this mobile phone takes quite good photos. For mobile phone, of course. In any case, its wide-angle lens does it worst and ship on the photo looks smaller than it seemed then.

This looks almost like panoramic photo (it is just a cropped one indeed):

BTW, real photographers with real cameras did not hesitate — try to spot one some left from the middle of the photo above

This one looks almost like a toy shop:

Sunset at North Narrabeen is always spectacular. Even mobile phone can handle it

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