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Peephole security camera from old Android phone


This post is about how to properly recycle your old Android smartphone. By “recycling” I mean not tossing it in the bin at your local electronic store, but giving it a proper new use. It’s been only a few years since explosive expansion of smartphones began, but already a lot of us have one or two “old” models lying around gathering dust. If you give it a bit of thought, you realize that it’s a highly capable supercomputer you have there doing absolutely nothing! People have been flown to the Moon and back using less computing power that your old pocket companion has! I think these old-ish smartphones are great platform for something very useful. For instance, even older ones have quite a decent camera, support several network standards and, when connected to a power source, have a battery-backed power that will allow them to run for hours. It’s a great platform for highly autonomous and powerful surveillance system! Ladies and gentleman, I am proud to present you  the “Peephole Security Camera” application for Android. Get it on Google Play, enter your e-mail in settings and you get yourself an automatic assistant that can be left watching your house when you are out. Unlike most video-surveillance systems that accumulate hours of mostly static video you’ll never watch, it works in a lot smarter way. It analyzes video feed from device’s camera to detect motion in a picture. When something moves, you get an instant e-mail with a few images in it, and it will keep taking pictures and sending you updates until motion stops. And that’s all most people ever need from remove surveillance system.

Use cases

Peephole camera

That was the original intention for this app. It requires no modification to your peephole or your door, just get a pack of these highly versatile Velcro strips with adhesive layer. Attach them to the back of the phone IMG_9685 Read more »

(Русский) Время кидаться пальцами

(Русский) Докатился…

First one!

My first published Android app

Get it on Google Play

It’s actually a small part of larger application I was working on lately.

(Русский) Это они серьезно?

(Русский) Профессиональное

Investigating managed crash dumps

Had to investigate a CLR crash dump and found a comprehensive walkthrough.

Must read, must bookmark, must know.

(Русский) О туннельном мышлении

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(Русский) Это свершилось

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(Русский) Новости технологий

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