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  1. Hey, Peninsula News had information about the collapse as the front page of the paper on Monday, April 27. I should know, I collected the information myself. You just aren’t reading the right media 🙂 Having said that, there was also some more information in the Central Coast lift-out of the Daily Telegraph on Tuesday, April 29, in which Gosford Council Director of City Services Mr Stephen Glenn stated that repairs would take “Months, not weeks”. So indeed, this is going to be a problem for a while to come.

    If you aren’t trying to get to the Peninsula, or around that side of the Central Coast, might I suggest you take Kangoo Rd (where the BMW dealership is just before you hit Kariong), then Acacia Rd and Debenham Rd. You will come out just after the old Pizza Hut down the bottom of the hill. Useful road that no one seems to use anymore, if you are just trying to get into Gosford.

  2. Thanks Lyle, I was not quite correct as I meant online media rather than newspapers. I was waiting for any papers to come but left home before I could get any on Monday. Online coverage is still poor indeed, took a while for me to find any sources and that photo on 4WD forum was the only one I could find so far.

    Need to try Kangoo road though, but not sure if it helps getting to Woy Woy especially on evening rush hour – my collegaue said that one time traffic was queueing down to the bottom of the bridge (2 kms before exit)!


  3. Yes you’re correct in that, unfortunately, Kangoo Rd would not help you getting to Woy Woy really, as you would need to cross three lanes of traffic at the bottom of the hill. Worse yet, the Express Advocate is now reporting it will be two months until it is fixed.

    I guess at least that means they are doing a proper job of fixing it, not just sticking a support beam in like the RTA did with the Central Coast Highway earlier in the year 🙂

  4. Lyle,
    thanks a lot! Finally, some light on what’s going on.
    Let’s hope “two months” does not mean “about six to twelve months” 🙂

    Bad luck with Kangoo road anyway 🙁

  5. I have just spoken with Marie Andrews office and it has been confirmed that they will be opening one lane of Woy Woy Road at Bulls Hill- downwards only – from tomorrow. it was originally expected to be opened today – however insuffient baracades have forced the require ammount to come from Sydney and they will not erect these until tomorrow. This is good news for the traffic coming home towards the pensinsular as well as getting people into Woy Woy – however this will not solve morning peak issues.
    Buses and trucks plus vehicles over a certain tare weight will also not be able to use the road.
    Meals on Wheels and essential services for BAYS residents will be taken care of – however, again, the logistic of this mean time and volunteer pressures.
    Although a ferry services for commuters, school children etc has been discussed to service the BAYS/Woy Woy areas apparently has been negated by the Mayor due to OH&S issues!!!
    I hope this information is helpful!

  6. Kylie,
    Many thanks! It seems that many people actually were worried about this little issue, it is great to hear that something is really happening!

    Folks, you rock!

  7. Why wouldn’t they open the road on 1st of May to head up from Woy Woy to Kariong, and in the afternoon, from Kariong down to Woy Woy???
    Maybe this makes too much sense???
    If the council is saying months, we seem to forget that a Gosford Council month is a standard year.
    By the time it is open again they could have built another road.

  8. I agree with Damon, if the road is safe enough to open one lane then they should sequence the direction of flow in line with peak traffic periods – But when has gosford Council ever appiled logic

  9. If it was up to me I would never open a road in such a bad condition. The pillow beneath asphalt looks very unstable on photos. I still have a feeling that they don’t have a clue about how serious is that and what to do.
    May be it is the time to convert one of fire tracks into a second Woy Woy road?

  10. Closed road and cutting edge technologies at blinnov’s blog - pingback on Wednesday April 30th, 2008 at 09:43 PM
  11. Hi Everyone
    I think all the points are very valid. The reason thay are opening the road downwards only is to get commuters and school children to transport (trains) and school on time from the bays area. The travel home is not as important in their eyes. School children are taken up to 1.5 hours to get to local woy woy schools – and others are not getting connecting services.
    Also raised was the elderly not being able to access facilities such as Doctors, pharmacies etc.
    They are wanting it open before peak times on Friday evening. And as Vital said, i agree they do not know how much damage is there – it is a very reactive decision – but one that has been pressured by the Bays Community Group as there doesnt seem to be an alternative to getting people into woy woy.

  12. I have heard today that a single lane will be opening and will be for traffic to Kariong in the morning and then for traffic to Woy Woy in the evening.

    Can anyone confirm if this is correct?

    While this solution would be fantastic for the commuters, what about all of the school children in the Bays areas that are now having to travel over 1 hour each way in traffic just to get to schools in Woy Woy.

    Perhaps the road should open for commuters and then have a brief change (say 8-830 and then 330-4) to allow parents to take their children to and from school?

  13. Actually ignore my last question.

    I just quickly rang Gosford Council and the one lane is open 24 hours a day in a down hill direction only.

    This will not change in the forseeable future I was told.

  14. one lane is open 24 hours a day in a down hill direction only.

    RTA website tells the same.
    I wonder if there is any public jetty in bay area? They could organise some kind of public ferry service to other side of bay and temporary (?) bus route for those who just need to get to Woy Woy and back 🙂

  15. There is a public jetty at Woy Woy Bay. Not to sure about Phegans and Horsfield?

    They is also a public jetty on the Woy Woy side of the bay.

    I think I read in one of the above links that thisoption has been discussed and will not go ahead due to OH&S problems? Not sure what link it was though…

  16. I think I read in one of the above links that thisoption has been discussed

    I must have missed that point 🙁

    Bay may just be too shallow there for ferry.

  17. Ah yes that is probably the reason.

    It can get VERY shallow at low tide. There is absolutely no way a ferry could pull up at the public wharfs.

    Not sure if a smaller type of boat could be used?

  18. And smaller boats will defenitely raise OH&S issues. Exactly what they told.

  19. Hi All
    You are correct Jessica – the Council feel it is a safety hazard due to tides plus they cannot get one of their ferries under the rail Bridge at Parks Bay. So no luck with the ferry option.
    There are some people in the bays with small runabouts – it was thought that this maybe an option – but they are not insured to carry public passengers – thus indeminification would be an issue and the Council will not cover any dispensations.
    OH&S – is a prime reason but also the logisitcs – eg Rawson St Wharf is still a fair distance from the Railway Station and Buses would need to be provided – plus, buses to take the school children….they see this as a bigger problem than driving the long way out of Woy Woy.
    So, I am afraid this is the best of a bad situation.
    There is a public meeting by the Bays Community Group being held Monday the 5th of May at 8.00pm at 19 Woy Woy Bay Road- representatives from Council, RTA and state government will be in attendance – please rally as many people as you can to come along.
    Finally, there are public wharves at Phegans Bay and a very shallow wharf at Horsfield if by some miracle – something could be done!!
    Hope that helps!

  20. So the elderly needing to go to medical centres in Woy Woy and school kids not able to get up a bit earlier in the morning are the primary cause of no solution for the morning traffic flow?
    What a load of S*%t!
    Minority rules it seems.

  21. Hmm.. the whole situation is very frustrating for us because we live in Phegans Bay and travelling time has just dramatically increased. We’ve been catching the train in and out of Sydney daily, but driving in due to the ridiculous traffic congestion along Central Coast Hwy.

    The ferry option would be great, but since that isn’t possible, maybe it’d be possible to make a narrow footpath/cycle lane along Woy Woy Rd for the meantime?
    Before the road collapsed, Woy Woy Rd had too many blind corners for cyclists or walkers, but the road should be wide enough at the momment for a cycle lane and traffic to go in one direction. This way people could either cycle or walk down in the mean time??

    On the news tonight, they said it would be 6 months till it was repaired..

  22. Damon I assume you are obviously a commuter who uses Woy Woy Rd?

    Why don’t you spare a thought for those who are actually RESIDENTS of the Bays areas who actually have to travel Woy Woy Rd multiple times a day.

    A commuter is inconvenienced once a day. As a resident, even with the downhill road now open, we are still inconvenienced multiple times a day as we drive our children to and from school, do the shopping, attend appointments, work commitments ect.

    Having the hill open in a continual downhill direction ensures that it is a fair system for all.

    I seriously have no idea what you are complaining about?

  23. Jessica,
    It affects everyone.
    I work in Erina and have to travel from Umina Beach and back.
    My travel times have nearly doubled, both ways.
    My response is logical.
    Majority has preference.
    Do you understand that???

  24. Hi Damon,

    I understand your frustration, I really do.

    Have you tried travelling to Erina via Empire Bay Drive? There hasn’t been any problems in that direction.

    I understand morning problems going to Erina from Umina along Brisbane Water Drive, however since the opening of the downhill lane, afternoon traffic should be back to normal now.

    That was the idea for opening the hill in a downwards direction, to ease afternoon traffic congestion.

    I am not sure as to your comments regarding ‘majority having preference’. I haven’t made any decisions. This is the council decision.

  25. Hi All
    There was a community meeting held at the Bays on Monday night. RTA, Busways, Council our Labour member and John Della Bosca (resident of the Bays) attended.
    Although alot of people decided on the night that they were “Engineers”, the meeting was positive and there will be another in two weeks to implement the outcomes from the meeting.
    There are solutions that are seriously being addressed. Ferry – Ettalong Water taxi’s are working with Council to provide a 14 seat ferry to move people from Woy Woy Bay, Phegans and Horsfield over to Rawson Road jetty with buses meeting people and taking people to school the train and woy woy. ALthough a quick fix it may mean that my next suggestion could be implemented!
    I am a Phegans Bay resident and although the one way opening has eased the burden I am in agreeance with Damien – the road must be open both ways! Go out country and you will find road works with traffic lights and only one way traffic – and for Kilometres – we can do it on a 800m stretch surely.
    The road is used by every peninsular resident – not only those in the bays. it is a significant road and one jointly owned by the State Government and Council which shows the importance of it for all travellers on the coast.
    i wil keep you posted on what happens next week – they are currently working on the road first for stabilisation and secondly rectification. The President of the Bays Community Group is a Terrier – you know when he is involved things get done! We will have a solution soon.

  26. Kylie,

    Thanks a lot for update!
    I also don’t understand the real reason why they did not want to make this stretch of road controlled by traffic light (I think they just couldn’t get any 🙂 )

  27. Council had previously stated that the lights would cause a 5 minute wait period to make sure cars had been flushed out of the section of road before allowing the opposite side through. My understanding though is that it is a fairly simple process to change the timing on the lights depending on the length of road.

  28. lights would cause a 5 minute wait period

    Yep, I heard this.
    Let’s see – 800 meters on 25 km/h (the speed limit they put there) are done in less than two minutes. This means that when direction changes traffic lights have to stay red for at least two minutes on both sides of road. 5 mins sounds as a precaution. Say, we’ve got five mins “all stop” state then traffic will be allowed to travel in one direction for 10 minutes, which means that if you were unlucky enough to get caught in the beginning of your red cycle, you’ll have to wait for at least 15 minutes until you can go. Quite a long time, but it still much better than 40 minutes drive from Woy Woy to West Gosford, moreover, lights should be manageable in peak hours so the busy direction receives longer “green light” periods.
    Even timetable would be an option!

  29. Have just read an article in today’s “Express Advocate” – about 100 people attended that meeting. Hope this will give council an idea that something has to be done quickly.

  30. july 4th 2008 road still closed. brisbane waters drive & karriong hill are just a joke. Where do a our taxes go BELINDA. DON’T YOU KNOW WHO I AM?
    We are the people whom employ you. So get off your arse and do something about it instead of going to Joe’s and getting on the piss

  31. Go Andrew

    I drove down Bulls Hill on Wednesday – one worker on site – nothing that ONE worker can do by the way!! And this has not been an isolate incident – the road fix is a long way off!
    I called the Council – HUH??? Was the reply. They could not care less – especially as the bays residents have been complaining about Bulls Hill for years!
    I know this sounds trivial, but not only have our costs gone up for Day Care, and the petrol it takes to drive the long way back to the bay after picking up my child – by the time my husband gets home and I get home from work in Sydney – my Son is alseep from the big drive and I only see him half an hour a day in the morning as he goes straight to bed!
    This is akin to the lady who thought her curtains would fade because of daylight savings – do you think the council will listen??

  32. What really upsets me is the fact that it’s been two months since road collapsed but still very little has been done is not even mentioned in press at all, while this Iguana’s affair, which does not deserve even a fraction of attention it gets now has been a show stopper for almost three weeks so far.

  33. Peninsula News (my newspaper) does two pages of Woy Woy Rd each edition, generally (not the coming edition though, just one or two articles).
    We haven’t even touched on the Belinda Neal story yet. The only news part we think is relevant is whether they did or did not abuse their power, which the police have yet to decide on. Other than that, it isn’t really newsworthy, and I think the other publications have turned it into a bit of a beat-up to be quite honest.

    On to Woy Woy Rd, it should be open to traffic both ways by August 22 (one of council’s acting directors claim). Cr Holstein is making sure that the issue is paid attention to. They have also found another crack about 60 metres up the road from the first one, according to The Bays Community Group vice president. This is what is causing the further delay apparently.

  34. Hi Lyle,

    Your paper looks the only one still interested in Woy Woy road affair.
    The rest, however, mentioned 50-meter crack in the road this week; but I can’t see why it should delay Bulls hill repair though..

  35. Apparently all – the Bulls Hill Road will be open on the 22nd August – with provisions put in place for emergency services immediately to come up the hill to support the Bays area.
    Secondly they are working on providing a walking track beside the road!
    Tonight there is a special meeting at 8pm at the Bay Community Group to update all residents. 19 Woy Woy Bay Road
    Thanks for all the updates!

  36. Kyle,

    Awesome news (may be I should put a countdown on this page? 🙂 )
    And if they build walking track it would be even better!

  37. Firstly, it’s truly bizarre to see so many people I know from “Reality” participating in an internet forum by mere coincidence! Hello to you all!

    Secondly, and perhaps more on relevantly – It’s truly disappointing that there appears to have been a consistently contemptuous approach to the maintenance of arterial roads within the Gosford City Council governing area. There have been more cracks, erosion, and general road damage come to light over the last 6 months – reaching nearly phenomenal levels. Such as the main erosion on Bulls Hill, the crack further up that strip, another on the approach from Kariong, and a disaster waiting to happen with significant erosion on the downhill slope of the Pacific Highway towards Gosford.

    All of which did not come to light until nearly 12 months after a almost identical – yet fatal – incident on the Pacific Highway going through Somersby. Unfortunately rather than performing an assessment of other local roads roads in similar environmental contexts or performing a revision of policy and funding around the issues of assessment and maintenance we merely had a series of underfunded bureaucrats rushing to save their jobs. And who can blame them? Assuming that at least the majority of them are genuinely doing there best to improve the state of affairs, how can you fight against a corroding system?

    This issue has raised the pulse on a great number of people within our community in an unprecedented way. It’s fantastic to see so much will and unity, however I can’t help but feel that directing our anger at current officials for in-action or delays is (at this stage) the most effective course of action. Sure it may be immediately satisfying, however the years of inaction are exactly that. Years of inaction. Once the physical issue of Woy Woy Road has been resolved we must persist with this energy to resolve the bureaucratic road blocks that have hampered or avoided the maintenance of these core elements of infrastructure on the coast.

  38. I have provided photos of the inside of the pipes under the cracking section of Woy Woy road North of Staples Lookout and photos of the two blocked pipes which were the main cause of the collapse of Bulls Hill to the Express Advocate and Telegraph. Also the recent and related story about repairs to the F3 culvert in the Express Advocate last week seemed to ignore the fact that it is yet another rusted out steel culvert pipe just like Piles and Leask Creeks. The RTA told the coroner who is investigating the deaths of the Bragg family in Piles Creek, that the steel pipes should have been remedied with a concrete lining in the invert of the pipes to protect them from corrosion and collapse. Why would the RTA tell the coroner that it had warned councils they needed to do this work , and then not do it in their own maintenance program for the F3 spaning over twenty years?. See my report on the F3 with photos here

    If you would like instructive photos taken inside the pipes on Woy Woy Road just ask. I also have photos taken inside the pipes at Piles Creek post collapse and under Leask Creek prior to the collapse and inside the pipes under the near collapse on Central Coast Highway at Kariong Hill and also the Concrete culvert just up the hill about thirty meters from that spot. Another culvert which is also breaking apart due to undermining with water. The bought and paid for media is perceived to be avoiding informing its readership of the full story. Why?
    Edward James

  39. Hi Edward,

    Thanks for such an interesting comment, the more we know about these stories the more questions arise.

  40. There is plenty of evidence around which shows that bought and paid for media have an underserved respect for Gosford City Council. The collapse of Bulls Hill occurred because two pipes were completely blocked the one just below the collapse site had its outfall end buried under almost two metres of road embankment. Elected representatives were present when i handed out photos exposing the neglect but they remained uninvolved so to speak. I am working on new reports since the coroner handed down his findings on the 18 of September. On that issue I had to go public on the ABC Radio to get the recalcitrant council to post those findings on our council web site. It took me almost three weeks.

    This is some news with photos which I have put on indymedia with some comments. There is also contact details should you wish to ask questions. I will be doing stuff on Piles Creek also.

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